Update: Arc supports K-12 schools

Chris Pyke
Published on
Friday, February 18, 2022

Arc supports a growing, international community of K-12 schools. These users are working to create healthy, sustainable learning environments, often using school facilities as hands-on laboratories. Arc provides multiple opportunities to engage students, staff, and stakeholders, including:

  1. Arc for All: Any school, anywhere can use Arc to measure, track, and score sustainability performance, for free. They can create a free USGBC account, login to Arc, and get started.
  2. Building Learners: Arc and the Center for Green Schools believe that schools are natural laboratories. They provide opportunities to engage students in lessons about science, engineering, technology, and, increasingly, health and well-being. Learn more about how to turn schools into teaching tools.
  3. Digital Playground: Arc provides a free, no-login environment to explore school performance. This allows users to investigate building performance and use pre-set charts and graphs in classroom exercises. Learn more about the Digital Playground.
  4. Infection Risk: Schools around the world are working to continue or return to in-person education, while managing COVID-19 infection risk. Arc supports them with free tools to benchmark facility management, collect occupant feedback, and analyze infection-related indoor air quality data. This is reflected in three resources: Arc Guide to Re-Entry (v1.3), Guiding to Measuring CO2, and Guide to Measuring PM2.5. You can learn more and earn continuing credits through Education @ USGBC.
  5. Advanced Analysis: Schools can link education to real world performance with tools for advanced analysis. This includes the ability to track and compare measured performance to national, state, and school-specific targets. Learn more about the capabilities unlocked with Arc Essentials.

These opportunities provide the foundation for learning and communications. Explore the links below to learn about widgets, dashboards, tools, and more.

The Arc and Center Green Schools team is always available to help connect schools with tools. Send us a message to connect. Learn more on Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube.