Just in: What’s new in Arc

Published on
Sunday, November 17, 2019

Arc continues to evolve to meet our user’s performance needs

The Arc platform was created to help people design, build and operate buildings and spaces that benefit both people and the environment.

Today, nearly 7,500 projects are using Arc to track and improve their sustainability performance and enhance the health and satisfaction of their 4 million+ occupants. Several hundred projects have even used their Arc score to certify and recertify their buildings to LEED, proving performance is the future of green buildings. And 100 cities have leveraged Arc to achieve LEED. Cities and communities are stepping up to ensure a resilient future and improve the standard of living for their residents by starting with a simple step: measuring performance.

Arc is all about performance improvement for your project – which means Arc must also continue to evolve and improve its performance as well. After three years of execution, we’re excited to share several enhancements we’ll be rolling out to the Arc platform that are designed to help our users better achieve their performance goals:

  • Improved User Interface: You’ll see a different look and feel as you navigate through the platform. New charts, graphs and other tools will welcome you when you log in – all designed to make it easier and simpler to collect and report data. These new tools will allow you to aggregate all of your project’s big data in one place and receive small actionable data back that you can leverage to improve your performance.
  • Introducing the Arc Improvement Score: Arc has always had a Performance Score, but now we’ve implemented an Improvement Score as well. With the Performance Score, you can benchmark your project against other projects around the world, but the Improvement Score allows you to now also track your performance against your own internal plan and measure the progress you are making year-over-year.
  • Integration Partners: We’ve partnered with several leading technology organizations to offer our users new tools that make Arc faster, easier and more scalable than ever before. Users can take advantage of the technologies and software provided by these companies to automate data flow and streamline data collection and work toward LEED certification and recertification requirements. Learn more about how you can leverage our partnerships with Arbnco, Commutifi, Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager, Measurabl, Qlear – and our newest partners Schneider Electric, Skanska and B-lineon our partner integration page. 
  • Category Level Performance Certificates: We recognize not everyone’s goal is LEED. Understandably, some can’t get there yet (particularly existing buildings) and some are taking an incremental approach to sustainability. We want to meet people and projects where they are and provide tools that can help them get started so they can improve their performance and eventually achieve LEED certification. So we’re introducing category level performance certificates. If you want to see your energy performance, for example, just enter your data and we’ll recognize you with an energy category certificate and energy performance score. You can complete each category one at a time (energy, water, waste, transportation and human experience), and if you achieve all five, you’re ready for LEED.
  • Arc for All: It’s no secret our industry’s largest opportunity is transforming existing buildings. It’s imperative that we get ALL BUILDINGS IN. The only way to do that is to eliminate all barriers. We’re doing that with our new user interface, integration partners and  category certificates, and lastly, we are now opening up Arc for ALL. I am excited to share any and all projects can now use Arc at no cost. All a project has to do is enter data in Arc to see their performance score. It’s that easy!
  • Arc Performance Pro Training: To respond to the complexities of building performance and help educate the market, we’ve rolled out a Performance Pro offering that provides a foundational understanding of how and why Arc does what it does, including a category-by-category dive into metrics and scoring. Attend a training near you and learn how you can leverage Arc in your professional practice.

The Arc team is excited to share these new features and tools with you this week at Greenbuild Atlanta. Learn more about where you can meet us at this year’s conference.