Introducing efficiency analysis powered by Schneider Electric

Chris Pyke
Published on
Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Feature image: Schneider Electric. Image credit: P. Blanc.

Achieving the vision for net zero by 2050 will require every building to be more efficient. Arc has partnered with Schneider Electric to create the new Efficiency Analysis model— a set of advanced tools to track, analyze and prioritize efficiency improvement opportunities. Efficiency Analysis is now available as a limited beta. Arc Essentials users can request access to the beta through our online form.

Efficiency Analysis powered by Schneider Electricanswers key questions for facility and portfolio managers:

  1. How efficient is my asset now?
  2. How has energy efficiency changed over time?
  3. Where are the biggest opportunities to save energy and improve performance?

Efficiency Analysis answers these questions while providing tools to normalize for year-to-year variation in weather, separate heating and cooling loads, comparison to benchmarks, and more.

New capabilities

Efficiency Analysis provides five integrated capabilities:

1. Track performance

Understand current energy usage and efficiency through daily temperature data and modeled breakdowns of monthly energy usage.

  • View your current energy usage and efficiency.
  • Access daily temperature data driving your energy usage.
  • Determine modeled monthly breakdowns of heating, cooling and other usage.

2. Analyze efficiency

Analyze changes in heating and cooling efficiency while assessing modeled energy usage across the range of observed temperatures.

  • Compare annual modeled energy usage to your custom baseline and performance period.
  • Analyze heating and cooling efficiency changes.
  • Understand modeled energy usage at every temperature.

3. Take action

Prioritize changes need to increase energy efficiency through various resources.

  • Compare your asset’s typical end-use with CBECS survey of typical end-use by building type.
  • Use heating, cooling and other efficiency strategies to decrease your energy usage.

4. Score performance

Determine the impact of making efficiency changes.

  • Integrated from Arc’s models, determine changes in your scoring and LEED points as a result of your efficiency measures.

5. Report

Provide transparency and communication of your asset’s efficiency.

  • Communicate your asset’s efficiency and performance with stakeholders.
  • Report your findings to decide on efficiency measures needed.


Efficiency Analysis is available at two levels:

  1. All Arc users have access to basic performance evaluation tools.
  2. Beta participants (and later Premium users) can access expanded, model-based analytics.

Free for All Users

Premium Features for Beta Users

  • View Arc scores and year-over-year energy performance
  • Compare performance changes to industry benchmarks
  • Create custom reduction targets
  • Select custom dates
  • Normalize for differences in weather
  • Re-run models on demand
  • Extensive analysis in efficiency
  • Recommendations for prioritization
  • Models for energy scoring
  • Create summary reports

For more information, reach out to the Arc team.

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