Getting Started with Performance Certificates

Chris Pyke
Published on
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Arc Performance Certificates provide opportunities to recognize leadership in individual performance categories. They provide a simple way to establish milestones and communicate incremental achievements.

Getting started with Performance Certificates is easy:

  1. Login and create an Arc project.

  1. Add data or link to information managed by an Arc partner.

  1. Under Leadership, select and subscribe the project to Performance Certificates.

The Performance Certificates subscription gives users the ability to create an unlimited number of certificates -- in any category, as frequently as they would like. 

Performance Certificates are available as print-quality PDF files. Each file actually contains two versions. The first page presents the Arc Performance Score and a set of performance indicators associated with the category. The second page presents the Arc Improvement Score and additional performance indicators. These provide complementary views on project performance. 

Previously generated Performance Certificates are available under the “Past Certificates” tab. Users always have access to Past Certificates, regardless of their subscription status. 

Information Requirements

The minimum data requirements for Performance Certificates match those of LEED v4.1 O+M:

  • Energy: 12 consecutive months of energy use data; usually on-site combustion of liquid fuels and purchased electricity.

  • Water: 12 consecutive months of whole project potable water use.

  • Waste: 1 waste audit in a 12-month period providing information on waste generation and waste diversion

  • Transportation: 1 occupant survey providing information on commuting distance and travel mode

  • Human Experience: 1 occupant survey plus 1 sampling of indoor air quality in a 12-month period.

The LEED v4.1 O+M Beta Guide provides details on requirements for each category. 


Arc Performance Certificates are a project-level subscription. There are options for monthly or discounted annual payment. More information is available on the Arc pricing page.  


Arc users are putting Performance Certificates to work in a variety of ways:

  1. A large group of schools in Brazil have generated Performance Certificates to track and compare Energy Performance. 

  2. Investor-owned property companies are using Performance Certificates as energy ratings. They have used these to increase their energy rating “coverage” and, in turn, improve their GRESB scores.

  3. A large facility is using Performance Certificates to inform waste management efforts by creating certificates before and after changes in loading dock operations.  

Learn More

We have published two previous articles that remain relevant to the use of Performance Certificates:

  1. Introducing the Arc Improvement Score: This describes the design and operation of the Arc Improvement Score. Performance Certificates have two pages, one referencing the Arc Performance Score (as used in LEED certification) and the Arc Improvement Score (a simple year-over-year improvement measure benchmarked using data from GRESB).

  1. Overview of Automated Tests: Arc Performance Certificates are not a traditional certification, and they do not involve manual document review. Arc Performance Certificates are subject to a battery of automated data integrity and quality checks.   

Get Help

The best way to learn more about Performance Certificates is to give them a try. The Arc team is ready to help and you can reach them at