Exploring ESG in India: A collaboration with Mint

Molly Molloy
Published on
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

As the impacts of the climate crisis continue to worsen, it is clear that we must adapt from all angles—including a massive restructuring of our “traditional” business values. The climate crisis, along with the ongoing pandemic, has emphasized the importance of environmental social governance, or ESG, to businesses.  

As we begin to reshape the world with public health and sustainability efforts further to the forefront, ESG compliance is becoming a necessary tool for companies' long-term success. ESG refocuses businesses on what’s important - people and the planet - while setting up for financial success.

The Arc performance platform helps companies achieve ESG compliance by providing tools to create healthier, more efficient buildings for people and the planet. Using Arc, teams can collect data, manage and benchmark progress, measure impact and improve performance— and their bottom line.

At Arc, we are passionate about ESG and the future of green buildings. Arc’s Senior Vice President of Product, Chris Pyke, joined other sustainability leaders from across India in the most recent edition of The Future of Green Buildings, a video collaboration between GBCI India and Mint, one of the country’s premier financial publications. Watch the video on demand to learn more about ESG compliance and the power that data wields in achieving it:


Building ESG compliance: A conversation with leaders


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