Arc Skoru ownership transitioning to GBCI

Taryn Holowka
Published on
Thursday, December 21, 2023

Ownership of Arc Skoru is transitioning to GBCI in an upstream merger to streamline operations and support the rapid growth of the Arc platform. Arc Skoru was created by GBCI in 2016 to benchmark performance, measure improvement, and provide new and more transparent ways to share performance information with owners, operators and occupants. Today, there are more than 10 billion square feet of projects tracking performance data through the Arc platform, with more than one-quarter of the cumulative area added in 2023.

This transition leverages GBCI’s global reach and resources to build upon Arc’s success and accelerate further adoption and innovation. Additionally, the programs offered through GBCI will now have better access to the solutions and partnership capabilities available in the Arc platform.

The Arc platform will continue to support all current users and partners without interruption. All the features and functionality will continue to be available. Login and password information will remain unchanged.

GBCI will carry out previously announced plans to enrich features and functionality as part of building out the new GBCI technology platform evolving Arc, LEED Online and other tools into a fully integrated experience. This platform is currently in use by certain Arc projects and will be available for all Arc projects in 2024. GBCI is committed to enhancing and expanding capabilities within this platform to increase its value to users while also ensuring a seamless experience. The new platform is also being designed to improve access to guidance on improving performance outcomes and leveraging the full capabilities of the platform.

Arc will continue to serve as an important tool to enable buildings, cities and communities to measure, track and improve sustainability performance. GBCI will continue supporting Arc’s core functionality, as well as its partnerships with global leaders to catalyze data-driven decision-making and actions on risk assessment, resilience enhancement, ESG reporting, decarbonization planning, efficiency analysis and other critical priorities. The platform will play an important role in tracking and reporting progress aligned with GBCI’s goals for advancing health, equity, resilience, sustainability and prosperity for all life and all communities.