Arc Skoru Inc. partners with leading technology companies to provide new platform tools

Sarah Merricks
Published on
Thursday, July 25, 2019

Washington, D.C. – July 25, 2019 – Arc Skoru Inc. announced today that it has partnered with leading technology companies arbnco, Commutifi, Measurabl and QLEAR to provide new tools to make using Arc faster, easier and more scalable. Arc users can take advantage of the technologies and software provided by these companies to automate data flows and streamline data collection to discover potential LEED certifications and meet LEED requirements, as well as streamline the recertification process and meet recertification requirements.

“Arc uses real world performance data to power the next generation of green building rating systems, including LEED v4.1 O+M,” said Chris Pyke, Senior Vice President, Product, Arc Skoru Inc. “Our new partnerships make it faster and easier than ever for project teams to measure environmental impact, improve their performance and achieve LEED certification. We are looking forward to working with many more partners in the future as we scale up Arc’s state-of-the-art capabilities.”

arbnco is a building performance technology company that develops scalable, affordable and disruptive software and hardware solutions for managing environmental performance and energy in the built environment. Arc users will now have access to arbn well, software that uses sensors to provide real-time information of indoor environmental conditions to building owners and operators. arbn well can be used to capture insights on temperature, humidity, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, volatile organic components and other important parameters. Building managers and owners can use the information generated by arbn well to make improvements; increase the operational efficiency of their buildings; ensure healthier, happier and more productive occupants and meet LEED v4.1 O+M and recertification requirements.

Commutifi is a commuter scoring platform that helps government, real estate companies and enterprises understand and manage commuting over time. Commutifi uses a robust, proven methodology to score commuting routes based on cost, time and carbon efficiency. Organizations can use Commutifi’s data visualization and tracking tools to develop effective amenities that drive sustainable commuting improvements. Commutifi and Arc have created new features in the Arc platform that make it faster and easier for Arc users to meet LEED requirements for commuting surveys. Arc users can elect to use Commutifi’s commuter registration tool and send data directly to Arc to meet LEED v4.1 O+M and recertification requirements. 

Measurabl is a leading ESG data management platform for commercial real estate and multi-building tenants. With over 40,000 commercial buildings representing 8 billion square feet across 70 countries, Measurabl helps the world’s smartest companies measure, manage and disclose their sustainability performance. Measurabl and Arc have created new features to help Arc users find potential LEED certifications and streamline recertification. This makes it easier for Measurabl and Arc users to receive recognition for their leadership in building design, construction, and operation. 

QLEAR is an advanced cloud-based indoor environmental quality (IEQ) management and analytics system. QLEAR uses sensors to collect, measure and analyze data on air quality (inclusive of particulate matter, VOCs, CO2, CO, temperature, RH and more), and also integrates energy and other readily available real-time data sources. The platform provides users with unparalleled flexibility in data management (including the visualization of sensors) and empowers users to maximize insights from their data towards improving environmental performance. The new QLEAR features on the Arc platform allow project teams pursuing LEED v4.1 O+M certification to quickly replace manual data entry with automated connections.

To learn more about how you can leverage these technologies and software to achieve LEED certification and recertification in Arc, visit the partner integration page.